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San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc.

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Saint Peregrine Physical Rehabilitation Services



We look for a bright, motivated student with a dedication to academics. However, we also want a well-rounded individual. Interests outside of school are important, along with a strong desire to be involved in community events, the very ingredients that will make them the best physical therapist ever.

Application Process

The San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. accepts applicants for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. It adopts a selective admission and retention policy. This admission-retention policy is conducted by the Admissions Office, in coordination with the Dean of the College of Physical Therapy.

When an appicant is admitted and enrols in the college, he/she agrees to recognize , accept and comply with all the existing rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures concerning his/her academic duties and responsibilities as a bonafide student of the college.


1. Freshmen

Admission to the College of Physical Therapy is open to all qualified individual for as long as they meet the following admission criteria:

a. Satisfactory performance from a duly DECS-recognized secondary institution.

b. Satisfatory or average rating in the SJDEFI Entrance Examination.

c. Satisfatory performance in the interview conducted by the Dean and/or the Academic Coordinator of the College of Physical Therapy.

d. Submission of the following admission requirements:
1. Accomplished admission form.
2. Original copy of Forum 138 (high school card);
3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (in NSO security paper)
4. Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate;
5. Original copy of Recommendation Letter or Certificate of Good Moral Character from Principal or Guidance Counselor from his/her secondary institution
6. Medical clearance from SJDEFI clinic; and,
7. Six (6) copies of 1x1 color ID pictures.

e. For scholarship application, Certificate for graduation with honors, indicating the total number of graduates from the highschool principal or registrar is needed.

2. Transferees

The college accepts transferees on a case to case basis. Admission guidelines are followed together with the following additional requirements.

a. Transfer credentials; and,

b. Transcript of Records or certified true copy of grades fro evaluation purposes.

3. Shifters

The College of Physical Therapy accepts shifters on a case to case basis. The following are the guidelines for a student to be allowed to shift from course to another.

a. only incoming second year or third year students are allowed to shift a course;
b. Must have a general weighted average of 80% and above;
c. Must present a certificate of good moral character from the Department Dean where he/she came from; and,
d. Must be willing to take pre-requisite subjects in the 1st and 2nd years before he/she is allowed to take major subjects.

4. Foreign Students

The College accepts foreign students for as long as they meet the following admission requirements for foreign students in addition to the general admission guidelines.
a. Scholastic records/Official transcript of records duly authenticated by the State Education Department or its counterpart of his/her country of origin or the Philippine Foreign Service Post;
b. Student visa or study permit
c. Alien Certificate of registration.

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College of Physical Therapy
San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc.
2722-2774 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City